The Winters Family Singers

Winters-FamilyThe Winters Family Singers

Candice and Jerry Winters are the happy parents of 9 children, ages ranging from 22 years to 16 months.  They began performing together a number of years ago and immediately noticed a common thread running through the discussions they had with their audiences after each performance.  People focused on how much they enjoyed seeing a family performing together. While the Winters family enjoyed singing folk songs, patriotic songs, show tunes, and Christmas songs, a desire to bring an uplifting and badly needed message to those they performed for began to grow.  This desire was to focus on helping individuals to build stronger relationships within their own families.  It did not take long for impressions of music and lyrics to begin flowing with one additional ingredient:  video.  The result of this effort was “Family Is the Cure for the Common Cold-Hearted World”, a production filled with inspiring music, video, and messages on strengthening marriages and families.  Against a backdrop of high-definition video, the Winters family is always grateful to bring this production to anyone with ears to hear and hearts to feel.