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  • Lloyd Newell, Ph.D., doctoral degree in family science and human development, faculty member in Religious Education and the School of Family Life, author of more than a dozen books and numerous articles on marriage, parenting and family life, past TV anchor for CNN, host of “Music and the Spoken Word”
  • Patrick Fagan, PhD, Director, Marriage and Religion Research Inst.; Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Family Policy, US Dept. of HHS
  • Sharon Slater, President, Family Watch International; author, “Protecting the Family and Children at the International, National and Local Level”
  • Nicholeen Peck, expert, BBC’s most-watched, “The World’s Strictest Parents;” “Family Governance and Revolutionary Parenting”
  • Stephanie & Christian Nielson, bestselling author, plane crash survivors and national celebrities promoting motherhood and family
  • Alan R. & Suzanne Osmond, of the original Osmond Brothers; founders of One Heart Foundation and TheFamily.com to strengthen families around the world
  • Patrick Trueman, President/CEO, Morality in the Media; former Chief of Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section, US Dept. of Justice; expert in fighting child sex crimes, pornography
  • Shane KrauserDirector, American Academy for Constitutional Education; attorney, adjunct professor; ”Protecting Religious Freedom”
  • Michael P. Donnelly, President of HSLDA, renowned international legal authority; “Why Everyone Must Be Engaged in the Battle to Protect Parental Rights
  • Don Feder, Director of Communications, World Congress of Families; “The Sexual Revolution and the Roots of Demographic Winter”
  • Donald L. Hilton, MD, author, expert on “The Neuroscience of Pornography: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Family”
  • Steven & Rhyll Croshaw, founders of The S.A. Lifeline Foundation, “Our Story of Overcoming Pornography Addiction”
  • Floyd Godfrey, MA, LPC; author; Director of Family Strategies & Coaching (has worked with more than 900 men); “Understanding Same-Sex Attraction”
  • Joseph M. White, PhD; professor; director, Foundation for Family Life; co-founded the Dakota Fatherhood Initiative;co-authored Why Fathers Count.