Linda & Richard Eyre

eyres2Linda & Richard Eyre
Speakers & Family Advocates

Linda and Richard Eyre, parents of nine children and authors of a dozen best selling family and parenting books, speak and lecture throughout the world on subjects of parenting, family, and life balance. Through their web sites and, , their frequent media appearances on media like Oprah, The Today Show and CBS Early Show their frequent lecture tours, they continue to work at their mission statement : FORTIFY FAMILIES by Celebrating Commitment, Popularizing parenting, Validating values, and Bolstering balance.”

Their new book is The Turning, Why the State of the Family Matters and What the World can do about it. Further information can be found at

Linda is a teacher and musician and founder of “Joy Schools” who was named by the National Council of Women as one of America’s 6 outstanding young women. Richard is a Harvard trained management consultant and a former candidate for Governor and director of the Whit House Conference on Parents and Children. The Eyres each have served on numerous civic, arts, university, and humanitarian boards and head a foundation that focuses on the needs of third world children.